Saturday, 16 July 2011

English Pub - Paris, FR

The title should seem a little weird.

After our of our UK tours, the guys headed to Paris )while I headed to Slovenia) for mini vacations.  So they had already experienced the fun of dropping some serious coin on delicious french food.  So when we finally got there for a show, I was the only person there for the first time.

Needless to say, I wanted to find the best restaurants the city could offer, but the guys were...over it.  And so often in our band, majority rules.  So we ended up at an ENGLISH PUB.  In PARIS.  After we had just spent 2 weeks in ENGLAND.  Argh.  So instead of eating, I sat there and pouted...and drank...but then in the end caved and had myself a little creme brule so I could at least tell people I had been to Paris.  Otherwise, I would have denied it, because I still feel I have not experienced the city. 

....But fuck was the creme brule tasty....haha

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