Friday, 8 July 2011

Roadside Cafeteria - Nagoya, Japan

We do a lot of driving...which means a lot of stopping off the highway for the usual parade of fast-food restaurants.  Luckily for us, in Japan, it wasn't quite the same

On route to our show in Nagoya, we stopped at this rest-stop that included a cafeteria where you would insert your money into a machine, pick your meal, and then a small ticket would come out.  You bring the ticket up to the "serving line" and are presented with your choice.  Perfect for a couple skids from Canada who aren't exactly fluent in Japanese.

And the food wasn't exactly Burger King quality.  You could tell people still took a lot of pride in the food they were serving you, even if you weren't sitting down in a nice restaurant.  Mmmm noodle soup

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