Sunday, 19 June 2011

Block House - Hamburg, Germany

During a day off in Hamburg, we hit the town to celebrate Craig's birthday.

When you think of Germany, seafood is not exactly the first thing that comes to mind, but we took a chance on Block House and were not disapointed.  Except Spracklin, who decided to get deep fried a seafood restaurant...*shaking head*...But, when you think of Germany, you DO think of giant scooners of beer and we were alllll on that train.

Daniel saw a mustard soup on the menu, so he took a chance on it (which you can see poking out of the right side of the picture).  I am a huge fan of soups, especially when it is a flavor combination I have never had before in a soup.  I had my doubts about the mustard soup...but it was delicious.  Creamy with a strong grainy mustard taste that was not overpowering. 

And for dessert?...We went back to the hotel and stayed up until 7am watching the Edmonton Oiler's first game of the season.  4-0 Victory over the Flames.  Good night...sadly, the Oilers season didn't go so hot after that...

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