Saturday, 11 June 2011

Venice, Italy

One of my bigger mistakes was not having a camera in Venice.  I bought a disposable, which somewhat did the trick, but all my best food pics did not turn out because of the low light.  Which is a shame, because I had a couple amazing meals when I got out of the tourist district.

Instead, I included a beautiful picture of the canal with a couple shots of me doing a couple stereotypical things you just need to do.  The first being eating some delicious Tiramisu.  It ranks up there with coconut cream pie & peanut butter pie as king of desserts.  I had it twice while I was there, and the authetic thing was better than the North American bastard version...but let's be honest, the bastard is still pretty awesome.

When I went to sit down for some espresso, I thought the two prices were for small & large, but it turns out you had to pay extra if you were sitting down rather than just taking it in a to-go cup.  The 'economist' (that's code for cheapness) in me said save the money and go...But I was in VENICE.  It wasn't about saving money or rushing around to see everyone.  Spend the extra money, enjoy your drink, and just watch people flood by for an hour.  It's worth your time.

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