Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Schwartz's - Montreal, Canada

Meat feast.

I cringe at the thought of eating a Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich anywhere except at Schwartz's in Montreal.  To say they have set the bar too high is an understatement.  When you are an original, and you have that many decades of history, you are the gold standard and everyone else is just a wanna-be.

While they are various things you can order there, but realllllly, there are really only 3: a sandwich, a small plate, and a large plate.  Obviously I go for the large plate with a cherry coke...and out comes an insanely huge plate of perfectly spiced and smoked beef  brisket, along with an entire loaf of Rye bread and a nice big bottle of mustard.  It is truely one of the most unique meat experiences you can have in this world.  Come hungry, and prepare yourself for a meat sweat like you have never experienced before.

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