Thursday, 9 June 2011

Lobster Feast - Edmonton, AB

There will not be many posts of me cooking at home...But this certainly deserves one

I acquired a 30lb box of fresh maritime lobster.  It was caught Friday just off the coast in Halifax, boiled on the dock, and then flown directly to Edmonton to go into my belly.  The first night, we did exactly what you are supposed to do: don't mess with a good thing.  Ocean fresh lobster, dipped in hot butter.  So good.

Round two was the next morning/afternoon.  My sister Courtney and I put in the hard work getting all the meat out of the claws after dinner (while everyone else was just eating lobster tail after lobster tail) and used it for amazing lobster rolls for lunch.  You can't beat that.

And for the final act, lobster alfredo.  Great timing consider last blog's rant about getting pasta at a restaurant.  I bought enough whole wheat pasta for 4 people (that was literally made an hour earlier) at Bucas in Edmonton, whipped up an alfredo sauce, and added in the chopped lobster with lobster roe (lobster eggs, aka, cavier) to give it a little more taste and color.  Excluding the lobster it cost me $10...for 4 people...And with the money I saved, even if I had to buy the lobster myself, the savings would be amazing.

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  1. Very glad no pictures of me made the collage. I still will post my pretty lobster roll pictures someday... maybe tomorrow? I thought you were having us over for the roe creation. Hmmmm, I will have to rethink your invitation for my homemade bisque from the lobster stock that took all day.