Saturday, 4 June 2011

Conveyor Belt Sushi, PART 2 - Tokyo, Japan

One night Sandy felt adventurous with his sushi choices and took a 'MYSTERY SUSHI' off the belt.  Once you take it off the belt, it's yours to eat.

On top of the rice was what appeared to be a cluster of bean sprouts...narrow little white/transparent tubes of goodness?  Yeah that sounds about right...Except these bean sprouts had a couple black dots on the end.  These bean sprouts were actually minnows.  Sandy manned up and ate them, but it went down as the worst thing eaten in Japan (and you will soon see we ate some pretty 'out there' stuff).  Even our Japanese friends were grossed out by it and refused to try it.  That's legit!

It sounds pretty simple, but my all-star of Japanese sushi was Salmon Mayonnaise.  A clean piece of salmon with a miso mayonnaise drizzled over it.  Pour a little soy-sauce over that bad boy and you will truly understand the amazingness of sushi.

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  1. Might it have actually been eel minows? We had those in Biarritz and were told they were a local specialty, but that the price was going up because of the demand for them in Japan. When we had them they were sauted in garlic butter and tasted a bit like fish noodles.