Monday, 6 June 2011

Coffein - Pecs, Hungary

Food Rule #3: Ordering pasta at a restaurant is for chumps

It's not news to anyone that pasta is basically flour and egg.  Paying $15-$20 for flour and egg at a restaurant?  That is just not right.  Especially since most restaurants probably aren't making fresh pasta from scratch a couple hours before their dinner service.  I love pasta, it is delicious.  But for someone who isn't the best cook, I can make an amazing dinner by going down to the farmer's market to pickup some FRESH pasta, some delicious organic meats or seafood, and whip up a sauce...for really really cheap.

What a perfect lead-in to a story about me breaking my own rule, haha.  While in Hungary, I went to Coffein with friends and they had a lunch special of homemade gnocchi (a potato pasta, so it still counts).  It was definitely fresh and well made, but the thing I remember was the unbelievable sauce it was in.  It wasn't just a tomato cream had heat, and spice, and was full of flavor.  And it was cheap, so I am letting myself get away with this one!  The whole lunch was very colorful...from my split pea soup to my pink lemonade.  Made for some tasty looking pics :)

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