Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Corner Liquor Store - Glasgow, Scotland

Food Rule #4:  Sometimes you get a deal, sometimes you get ripped off...But most of the time you get what you paid for

After a show in Scotland we spent the night partying with a couple new friends.  In Glasgow, they have these magical little corner stores that sell booze, cigarettes, and PIZZA.  It basically combines all your 2am needs into one trip.

Our merch guy Spracklin was a little low on cash so he decided to buy this bottle of Scotch for under $10.  I may not be a whisky aficionado, but I am a big whisky enthusiast, and I can tell you a good bottle of Scotch should be a lot more than $10.  Well, as it turns out this was not Scotch, it was some sort of bathtub liquor called 'SCOTCHed' (see the picture).  As you can see, we could only get through half of it before we threw in the towel...and we have been known to drink some terrible, terrible stuff.

Lesson learnt Spracklin.  If you are going to cheap out, do not cheap out on something that should be expensive. 

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