Sunday, 15 May 2011

C Restaurant - Vancouver, Canada

Food Rule #2: Food is always more delicious when you don't pay full price

I am a huge fan of Groupon, Living Social, and all those sites that offer discounted coupons for restaurants.  Why eat at Denny's when you can eat an expensive restaurant for the same price? ...Well Denny's is delicious, that's why... But that is beside the point.  I love justifying fancy meals by discounts.

So I got this Groupon for a 4 course tasting lunch at C Restaurant for $20 (regular price $40).  Am I going to pay $40 for lunch ever?  Absolutely not.  But for a meal this good, I can understand the price-tag.  The main course of halibut bouillabaisse was exactly what you would expect from a restaurant like this...Amazing, nothing I could come close to making.  The real treat was the surprise I got from the two starter courses

The salad came with a maple vinigrette.  Maple dressing on a salad?  That was a first for me, and it was awesome.  For the starter soup, the waiter came out and left a large bowl with a mound of smoked trout & crème fraiche...and then returned to pour out the potato & leek soup into the bowl from a kettle.  That is a POWER move.  That's like getting someone to shave your face in front of a group of people.  After a start like that, you know you are in for a good lunch.  However, word on the street is that without a Groupon, the bill gets a little out of control at this place...and people are not too stoked on that.

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