Saturday, 7 May 2011

Roadside Gas Station - Brussels, Belgium

Taking a breather today from my journey of finding Vancouver's best food to post one of my many tour food pictures.  I remember on our last European tour we had a big drive up to Denmark, and our driver Jon hated to stop for breakfast because he thought a Snickers bar at 9am was a great start to the day, so I was often forced to figure out breakfast when we stopped for gas.  That often lead to a lot of bitching and grumpiness from me, but there were some exceptions.

I remember in Belgium & Germany there were these little kiosks with one worker inside some of the gas stations that would make you a fresh pork schnitzel sandwich.  It was honestly some of the best schnitzel I had while I was over there, even though I usually prefer hot food over cold.  They had this delicious mayo they would put on it, and the kicker was a perfectly sliced up hard boiled egg to put on top.  Subway, take note on that little gem.

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