Monday, 23 May 2011

Nuba - Vancouver, Canada

As soon as I post a blog of my favorite Vancouver restaurant, a new contender throws their name in the race.  We have been working at a studio 2 blocks from the historic Waldorf hotel in Vancouver, which recieved quite the facelift inside and now hosts a bunch of Vancouver nightlift including Nuba, a nouveau Lebanese restaurant.  I will be the first to say I am not well versed in Lebanese food, but wow am I going to be.

I started with Lamb Hushwie, which was a spice lamb served on hummus, avocado, pine nuts, and cabbage.  Then I got the Beef Tenderloin, which was served with a pomegranate & red wine reduction and some sort of a feta cheese & potato pastery.  Such unique flavour combinations, all of them home runs!  The menu is mostly medium plates so you need to order at least 2, but for the quality of stuff they are pushing out, it's at a very reasonable price.

The whole vibe of the place was fun, so after we finished work for the night, we returned to the Tiki Bar and sucked down a couple coconut drinks.  Luckily, the pictures for the night stopped when I was a cooouple drinks in and started to eat the coconut shells.  Mmmm coconut.

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