Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Ensemble - Vancouver, BC

I don't consider myself a foodie, a food expert, or a food critic.  But I gotta admit, I felt pretty cool tonight going to the opening of Ensemble, the restaurant of my favorite Top Chef Canada contestant, Dale MacKay.  It's one of the few food shows that everyone in the band is into, so I got Sandy & Patrick to come with me while the others were stuck in the studio recording guitars.

The waitress told to us that the menu was designed for you to order a bunch of small to medium plates.  We shared the muscles, which were in a curry sauce, and a delicious five spice pork belly.

I also had the chilled Mango Soup with Dungeness Crab, which is the picture I included above.  You might remember an episode where Dale needed to create an amuse bouche (one perfect bite) to avoid elimination against 2 other contestants...well this dish was based on that.  Very original, and it kicked ass.  Haven't you always wanted to know what it was like to be a judge on Top Chef and actually taste what they are judging?  Looking forward to going back and trying a few of the other things that caught my eye.

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